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Project Details

Client Name:

Chaitanya Builders


Vettuvankeni, Chennai

Project Type:



4399.10 sq.ft. (408.69 sq.m.)


Interiors, Project Management

Project Description

Contemporary architecture is all about adapting to the landscape, seamless integration of indoor-outdoor even while flawlessly serving the needs of those residing within a structure. It is a delicate balance that is enhanced by elegant aesthetics and contemporary overtones. Virtually bringing the ocean indoors with refreshing infinity pool on the terrace and the extensive use of glass walls and windows, every room in this modern den has been designed to offer unabated and sweeping views of the vast Bay, making a stay here an absolute dream. Set in a gated community, on the coastal break that stretches into the Bay of Bengal, this gorgeous beach villa, is all about living it up in style, combining comfort, elegance and adequate privacy. The sleek terrace swimming pool is the sparkling crown jewel of a home that has plenty to offer.

One enters the foyer from the street level and instantly notices the charm of the landscape becoming a part of the overall design. Interiors are clad in largely neutral colors with wooden surfaces bringing in the necessary warmth and textural variation. An open living room, a large dining area and a trendy ergonomic kitchen are housed on the same level as the patio /lounge. Coupled with beautiful blinds, the interior spaces makes it possible for inhabitants to switch between complete privacy and unhindered views with the simple flick of a button.

The structure comprises of precast reinforced concrete load bearing wall panels that offer stability & uninterrupted volume, that which is both sculptural and practical in its form. With its unique silhouette the house seems striking and yet surprisingly non-intrusive even as the top-level master suite and guest suites offer amazing views and beyond. An incredible curvilinear staircase, is another showstopper that ensures the owners of this villa is transported to the upper level sheltering the recreational bar & pool that will tempt you to spend more time in water than land!