Hydra Spore Symbionts, Melbourne | SSMB Magazine

We are delighted to announce that our proposal; Hydra Spore Symbionts, for the Land Art Generator Initiative competition has been featured in the Steel Structures & Metal Buildings magazine under […]

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Window & Facade Magazine | Breathing Nature; Aero Hive, Hong Kong

Check out the design concept behind the creation of our award winning sustainable office tower Aero Hive, Hong Kong that has been featured in the July 2018 issue of Window […]

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Living Magazine| Climate-Responsive Approach to Architecture

Designing a dream home with eco-friendly concepts infused in it is the best balance of luxury and environment. Suraksha Acharya talks about bioclimatic designs that not only decrease outdoor emissions […]

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Cityscapes for the Future

We are delighted and proud to announce that, our award-winning breathing skyscraper ‘Aero Hive’, has been featured in the Hindu Sunday Magazine article on Cityscapes for the future and futuristic […]

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Climate Responsive Approach to Architecture

The concept of a dream home often embodies a lovely little hideaway with modern comforts and scenic views that offer ample privacy. But this also means that these fabulous homes […]

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Living Magazine | The Roman Rendezvous

Renaissance has given us the gift of artistic excellence, and what better way to witness the magic than to visit the land which started this revolution; Italy is always a […]

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Architecture and sustainable design | Rotary Club of Madras South & Chennai Capital

Our Principal architect was invited to speak, by the Chairman of Rotary Club of Madras South in joint meeting with Rotary Club of Chennai Capital on May 15th, 2018 at […]

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Inhabitat | Translucent ‘hugging’ towers could help clean Hong Kong’s air pollution

Suraksha Acharya’s design, which recently won the Skyhive Skyscraper Challenge, is meant to provide the bustling Hong Kong skyline with an icon of sustainability. Although aesthetically apt for Hong Kong’s […]

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The Hindu Metro Plus | The Building that breathes

Our principal architect Suraksha Acharya is making global waves with her sustainably designed skyscraper – titled Aero Hive, the recipient of two awards; First place Sky hive Skyscraper Challenge in […]

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A’ Design Award & Competition | Silver Winner 2018

We are pleased to announce that Aero Hive Sustainable Office Tower has been granted the Silver A’ Design Award in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category by the International Design […]

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