FOAID New Delhi | A’Design Award

We are delighted to announce that our breathing skyscraper, ‘Aero Hive’ that won the silver in A’Design Award was showcased at FOAID (Festival Of a Architecture and Interior Design)2018 Design […]

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FOAID New Delhi | Creative Minds Next challenge

We are delighted to receive the CREATIVE MIND NEXT CHALLENGE 2018 Award from FOAID (Festival Of Architecture and Interior Design) in New Delhi on September 21 & 22, for our […]

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RITZ Magazine | Conversations at Courtyard by Marriott

Suraksha Acharya shares her thoughts on social media as a useful tool for businesses, bringing advantages such as engaging with your audience, as well as the disadvantages when it comes […]

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Living Magazine | Less Is More

Refurbishing a home not only elevates the look of it but also, completely refreshes the atmosphere. This Japanese-inspired contemporary makeover given to a flood-affected home is minimalism at its best. […]

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Extraordinary Hydra-Spore Symbiont Produces Energy From Water Evaporation | Land Art Generator

“We were delighted to see Suraksha Acharya’s use of evaporation engines. With the fins opening and closing it will appear as if the artwork is breathing, and in a way […]

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Hydra Spore Symbionts, Melbourne | SSMB Magazine

We are delighted to announce that our proposal; Hydra Spore Symbionts, for the Land Art Generator Initiative competition has been featured in the Steel Structures & Metal Buildings magazine under […]

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Window & Facade Magazine | Breathing Nature; Aero Hive, Hong Kong

Check out the design concept behind the creation of our award winning sustainable office tower Aero Hive, Hong Kong that has been featured in the July 2018 issue of Window […]

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Living Magazine| Climate-Responsive Approach to Architecture

Designing a dream home with eco-friendly concepts infused in it is the best balance of luxury and environment. Suraksha Acharya talks about bioclimatic designs that not only decrease outdoor emissions […]

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