Eco-Conscious Offices

Contemporary offices have come a long way from mundane cubicles of the past transforming outdated workplace into sustainable environments that benefit the employee and the company. Designing an efficient office space is important because it has a significant impact on the productivity of employees which in turn would enhance the profitability of the office. Modern offices need to be designed in such a way that there’s a balance between creativity, functionality and sustainability. At Midori, as one of the few office interior designers in Chennai, we specialize in designing aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly interiors.

In general, the office typology is energy intensive due to duration and the set thermal environments that often offer very little control. Following the green design approach would not only ensure minimum utilization of energy by harnessing the natural elements and ‘free energy’ such as daylight and ventilation but also improve the indoor environmental quality. By designing office interiors in a sustainable way, we’re ensuring that the built environment is not significantly affected, and we are creating a suitable indoor environment for people who spend more than7-9 hours in office per day. Office interior designers in Chennai need to look into various aspects while designing interiors like materials, lighting, natural ventilation and noise reduction through greenery etc.

Gone are the days of rigid cubicles, the emergence of open plan offices is gaining momentum as it improves workflow and facilitates social interaction between employees. The absence of partitions to segregate desks encourages employees to collaborate without any barriers. Ergonomics is another factor that needs to be considered while designing the interiors. It is essential to design a workstation that is comfortable for the employees and allows them to work efficiently.

While selecting office furniture such as workstations, it would be preferable to select products that are eco-friendly such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood that are sourced from forests which are managed sustainably. Green offices also often use rapidly renewable materials such as linoleum and bamboo that are typically re-harvested in a shorter 10 year cycle that benefits the environment.It is also important to consider the use of paints or adhesives that have low content of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). When VOC’s combine with air, it produces a gas which is toxic in nature and it affects the immune system and the indoor air quality of the workplace. As a result of this, coupled with poor ventilation or lack of daylight in the office, there has been a steady rise in the sick building syndrome amongst employees. Natural light, better ventilation, non-toxic cleaning products and plants all significantly enhance the air quality of a workspace.The presence of greenery boosts cognitive function, improves the health of employees and enhances the efficiency of the employees. The benefits of greenery have been listed in this article for further reading

Today’s offices are all about combining work relaxation and inviting creativity within a sustainable ecosystem.By adding greenery there are many benefits.Some of them include reduced absenteeism and it acts as a creativity booster.Green practices and eco-friendly offices undoubtedly increase productivity and lead to happier and healthier environments.

Source- Image 1- 158 Cecil Street, Park+Associates, Singapore

Image 2- Greenwalls, Ledeven

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