Contemporary Home Makeovers

One of the popular trends in these days has been the adaptive reuse of disaster-struck and homes giving them a reviving makeover. One such home that was restored after the Chennai floods in 2015 was the Malladi Residence, a 4000 sqft bungalow in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai. This home renovation by Midori Architectsinterior designers in Chennai, totally transforms the existing atmosphere of the structure and showcases it in an entirely new light, rather than a subtle overhaul. Crafted with care, each element in the home reflects serenity, simplicity and inherent care for the globally preferred Japanese way of life.

Malladi Residence balances modern elements with refined minimal style, making sure that the spaces are decorated with things that were absolutely required. The essence of the Japanese concept, ‘MA’– referring to the purity and voids between things have been integrated in this design.The tranquillity can be translated in the large glass walls and full height glass windows that entirely bring the outdoors inside.

The smart pantry space becomes a conversation point with a breakfast counter seating space leading to the dining room, which is segregated from the kitchen by a serving hatch that can double up as worktop, without compromising any floor space.

Contemporary homes are all about integrating every tiny detail to suit the lifestyle of those who live in them. This refurbishment reuses its window frames made from Burma teak articulating its patterns with a dark mahogany stain. The refurbishment that is focused around minimal forms, follows the rule of thirds to blend into this effortless contemporary living space.

There’s no substitute for simple and elegant design when creating a modern look. These updated stairs fit seamlessly into the home, matching the wood tones of the floors and door trims. Black metal stringer & balustrades broken by horizontal steelbars reinforce the vertical flow of space. The reused teak handrails and cantilevered treads add an earthy charm to these contemporary interiors.

If you ever dreamtabout having a home that hosts every sports event or movie marathon, this family room which is the combination of leisure and play, will make it happen. Japanese inspired media rooms are exhibited with cedar wooden floors that allows you to use the same room as a charming ‘social zone’. The bespoke bookshelf is a great complement to this cozy room for you to kick your shoes off and enjoy reading a book. In the living room, the use of sliding doors that opens to adjacent spaces prevents the room from feeling closed in.

One of the more recent trends highlighting the peak of domestic luxury are home bars.What initially was an outdoor unused landscaped terrace, was turned by Midori Architects into anelegant bar, with ablack, white and grey palette highlighted by warm metallic fixtures and lighting. The outstanding element of the design is the criss-crossing pergolas of light vinyl faux wood. The ceiling makes up the most eminent feature of this bar which allows natural ventilation&light to make its way through to the pyramidal skylight. By night, the home bar transforms into a refined atmosphere with stellar lighting that evokes a cosmic aura.

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