Extraordinary Hydra-Spore Symbiont Produces Energy From Water Evaporation | Land Art Generator

“We were delighted to see Suraksha Acharya’s use of evaporation engines. With the fins opening and closing it will appear as if the artwork is breathing, and in a way […]

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Cityscapes for the Future

We are delighted and proud to announce that, our award-winning breathing skyscraper ‘Aero Hive’, has been featured in the Hindu Sunday Magazine article on Cityscapes for the future and futuristic […]

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Inhabitat | Translucent ‘hugging’ towers could help clean Hong Kong’s air pollution

Suraksha Acharya’s design, which recently won the Skyhive Skyscraper Challenge, is meant to provide the bustling Hong Kong skyline with an icon of sustainability. Although aesthetically apt for Hong Kong’s […]

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The Hindu Property Plus | Start Up – Bold and Better

‘Contemporary, minimal and sustainable. – with these ideas ingrained, buildings can be designed robustly to perform well for 100 years. At the end of the say design is a powerful […]

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The Hindu Metro Plus | Sky is the Limit

‘I always thought of how slums aren’t visible in the city’s skyline, proposal for ‘Shanty scraper’ is one such inventive high rise concept to address the problem of growing slums […]

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Indian Express Indulge | Give me Green

“Chennai has the largest quota of green buildings among Indian metropolises. There is no doubt that this city’s green footprint will enhance the way future towns will be designed, planned […]

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Deccan Chronicle | Sustainable, Architecture and Aesthetics

‘Otherwise an avid traveler, mother, pet parent but always a designer’, I always found inspiration from my country’s diverse architecture. My passion drives me attend to more than just aesthetics; […]

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The Hindu Education Plus | Greener Pastures

Environmental architecture encompasses all aspects of the built environment – from the basic level of using recycled and low-energy materials to technical aspects such as site layout and planning, water […]

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